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Projects: A Sampling

Cindy M. Amos, Nature Writer

Cindy has written a delightful series of books in a collection she calls Landscapes of Mercy. I had the pleasure of editing her first and second books. If you enjoy Inspirational Romance with nature themes and knowledgeable attention to nature settings, you're sure to enjoy these books: Redeeming River Rancher and Saving Bicycle Man. 

Martin Bartholow, PhD

Martin's latest book, Genesis One as a Rosetta Stone, is a serious look at how one might reconcile one's beliefs in a personal God with a scientific point of view in a scientific environment, particularly where it intersects with evolutionary science. With his degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Dr. Bartholow explores in detail the origin of life, from the Big Bang through early civilizations to present-day science, with a word to all to be true to the scientific method and continue to examine and be open to all possibilities. I enjoyed editing this thoughtful book. 

Anita Weaver

Anita's debut book chronicles the life of her great-grandfather, Michael Kapp, from his Orthodox Jewish childhood through his journey to America as a stowaway at the age of fifteen to his conversion to Christianity and life work as an evangelist. His story is captivating and historically fascinating. Her book, But I forgive you: The candymaker who was saved by grace, may be found on Amazon. 

Anita has added two new books to her credits. The Grace Chronicles include To Be Happy in Jesus and the second book in her three-book series, Lord of My Heart. The third and last book are in the writing stage.

Anita To Be Happy.jpg
Keith C. English Sr. 

Keith English has written a series of children's books that will delight, enthrall, and entertain young children. The Adventures of Martin Brown combines rhyming verse with gentle, life-changing lessons on gratitude, loyalty, and friendship. Martin Brown, not your usual monster-under-the-bed, is an un-scary companion to Chris and children everywhere. Chris and Jasmine's story continues in the book Enstrangled. 


Barbara Bras

She Who Knows: A Tale of the Heart is the first of two books written by Barbara Bras set on the island of Oahu. I had the privilege of editing the sequel, She Who Knows No Fear: Another Tale of the Heart. These books tell the story of young Cassie as she finds love and returns to the island of her childhood. The sequel follows her personal journey of discovering who she is and solving a mystery involving her grandmother and the home she left to Cassie. 

Terry R. Bleed

Whirling Dervish of the Skies: The Ups and Downs of a Helicopter Pilot is the personal memoir of Terry R. Bleed. Through fifteen thousand flight hours and many ups and downs, this true story is a raw and honest portrayal of a life of courage, heartbreak, and redemption.  

Carl Otte_edited.jpg

Carl W. Otte D.O.

After working in nineteen different emergency departments over the course of his career, Dr. Carl Otte should be able to recount a funny ER story when asked. In this humorous look at his life, he recounts many such stories as well as the often interesting, entertaining, and humorous side of life. He takes the reader from humble beginnings on a rural Iowa farmstead through the often tumultuous course of acquiring a medical degree and training. He recounts warm stories of family life as he and his wife Twyla raised four daughters. Farm stories, magic shows, early days of osteopathy—then after years in general practice he became one of the first graduates of the emerging specialty of emergency medicine. He then served as a flight surgeon at Luke AFB. If you've ever wondered what goes on in the lives of ER doctors, this is a good, honest portrayal of that life during a time of many firsts in medicine. Dr. Otte's special brand of humor infuses this portrayal and gives it a warm, human touch that makes it an entertaining and enjoyable read. A Funny Thing Happened is available on Amazon.

AFunnyThingHappenedFrontFinal (1).jpg

Larry McGill

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Kanpak US 

Larry McGill has written a wonderful action/adventure novel called Wahiba Sands, set in the Texas Hill Country and the Middle Eastern country of Oman. His familiarity with Oman and other countries comes from his work and residence in those countries over the span of his career. This fun read is the first in the Freedom's Home Series. Book Two is in process and is entitled Spanish Luck. It features Michael O'Shea and his SEAL team in a new adventure featuring the covert organization PAL, or Protect American Lives. 


Lisa T. Horton

Secret Compulsions is the first book in a three-book series featuring a counselor, Skylar Phillips, and her cheating husband. To get revenge on her husband, she has some fun of her own until a serial killer's victims get a little close for comfort. This novella is a quick and fun read.


Book two, Secrets Exposed, continues the serial killer's rampage. Skylar and her husband face challenges they never could have imagined. And they find that everyone has secrets. 

The third and last book of the series, No More Secrets, concludes the gripping story. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 1.21.32 PM.jpg
Secrets Exposed.jpg

Governor Henderson Jr. 

Fulton County, Georgia is the setting for Southern Justice: A Road to No End, a true story that details the ways in which the criminal justice system can become crippled and the three-year fight Henry Blaze Wisper undertook that cost him his job, a chance for promotion, and lost wages. He had to uproot his family and move from the area, but he remains firm that the fight to uphold standards in such a critical arena is important in spite of the personal cost. His wish is that others will find the courage to confront injustice and unfair practices they encounter and stay committed to making the world a better place for all. 


Andria Jackson Triche

This 40-day devotional focuses on forty of the virtues in the Bible. Accompanying each is a story to bring each virtue to light. An accompanying journal provides a place to record personal insights and thoughts about how God is overcoming and bringing victories in each person's life.  Written with love for God and His Word. 

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