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  • How can I expect the process to work? 

      Answer: Send me an email on the contact page. Tell me about your piece and what you feel your manuscript needs. I'll also need to know if you have a deadline you need to meet. I'll answer back shortly, letting you know my availability, and I'll ask for a sample of your work, generally two to three pages. I'll give you an estimate along with a simple contract, where we will both agree on expectations of the work to be done. I require 25% down payment, with the remainder due upon completion. You'll send me the entire manuscript, I'll do an edit and send it back. You'll accept or reject the changes and return it for a final pass, where I'll edit any changes you've made and ensure that we've covered everything. 


  • How long will it take?

      Answer: I will give you a time estimate after I evaluate the manuscript's needs, and let you know when I will be able to begin. A full-length book (300 pages) needing a basic copyedit will take approximately two to three weeks, but will depend on the level of editing required. I will be happy to provide a time estimate as well. 


  • What program do you use?

      Answer: I use Microsoft Word with its Track Changes to edit. I can provide instructions if you need help with any of the features we will use in the process, or you can go HERE to learn more. 

  • How will we communicate while you work on my project?

       Answer: I prefer to communicate through e-mail, and generally answer e-mails several times per day. However, if there are questions that would best be answered with a phone call, I'm happy to do so. 

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