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"She gently taught me and made my writing look more like a pro than a first-time writer. Not only did she meet my needs, she surpassed anything I could have imagined."  

—Anita Weaver, But I forgive you

"The project is barely getting started, but I'm giving Diana five stars because of her excellent professional approach."

—Anita Joe, Rising Like the Sun

"Radically exceptional and wonderfully professional" are just a few words I could use to describe the services of Diana Grabau. I was wonderfully impressed with her workmanship, capability and expertise, but more importantly, her care of my material. She offered many options and solutions for the material in my book. I often felt I was co-authoring it with her based upon her comments, suggestions, and the surgical precision she used to dissect every chapter, paragraph, sentence, punctuation, and connotation.


I've served in the U.S. Air Force for 29 years and written many commendations, decorations, and awards, and if I were to write one for Diana I would conclude by saying that "her singularly distinctive accomplishments reflect great credit upon herself, her company, and the success of every project or work of art she has embraced."


-Keith C. English, Sr. The Adventures of Martin Brown

I would highy  recommend Diana Grabau at Seize the Day Edits She made awesome improvements to enhance the readability of my story. She gave me suggestions on how to write and show feelings. She is very detailed oriented, with great customer service. I'm now a published author of my first book. I'm pleased with the finished product and am now working on book two. I am happy to continue to work with Diana through my book series and my journey as an author.

—Lisa T. Horton, Secret Compulsions

I am extremely happy with Diana Grabau's editing work on my first book, A Funny Thing Happened. She turned an amateur into a professional.  She was very patient with me, was always available, and never made me feel dumb. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you, Diana!   

~Carl W.Otte, D.O. A Funny Thing Happened

Finding Diana was the best thing that could have ever happened for my book, Releasing Trophies. After interviewing a number of potential editors, I realized that her approach was different in so many ways. She was interested in much more than just the technical aspects of writing. Diana was keenly interested in helping the words find enhanced resonance, while keeping my voice as an author. In several key areas of the book, she infused a new sense of clarity and creativity that meshed perfectly with my mindset. Her teamwork approach to reviewing troublesome passages made the process an inspired delight as opposed to a grueling chore. 

Beyond her work, for which I will always be grateful, I have found an enthusiastic friend with whom to share the love of words and the art of storytelling. It is always a blessing to connect with someone you can trust completely with your creation and share your most heartfelt emotions. If you are searching for an editor, I strongly recommend you speak to Diana. The experience will provide a lasting and rewarding alliance.

~Shannon David Hamons

Releasing Trophies

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