March 30, 2018

Writers, foster your creativity and passion. Seek understanding. Embrace beauty. Love people and work hard at your art. There is no higher calling than to be a positive force for good, for change, for insight that betters humanity. Above all and at every opportunity, protect, nurture, and feed the life force within you, and never give in to complacency....

January 9, 2017

If you have ever looked for a copyeditor for your written work, you've likely seen editors refer to "maintaining the author's voice." But just what is that? Do you have one? If not, how does one get it? And how does a copyeditor maintain it while making countless corrections on a manuscript? 

Here are some ways "voice" has been described:

*A write...

August 14, 2016

Writing is a "big picture" kind of activity. If you've ever tried to create a piece of written work—a term paper, a journal article, a short story, or a full-length book, you know what I mean. Without the big idea, you have nothing. As a writer, I know how easy these brainstorming ideas are to produce. They pop into our heads during stimulating conversati...

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